Why is the vintage design trend back in vogue?



One of the responses to the Covid-19 pandemic has been the emerging need for our homes to be serene and relaxing, a sort of sanctuary for our busy lives. In addition to being functional, people want their homes to be uplifting and comforting.

“Just as the fashion industry came back in the ’70s and’ 80s, the vintage trend made a comeback for spatial design, interiors and styling, and after the pandemic the trend is much stronger. Vintage styles are not only unique and rare, but they also allow for experimentation and customization. In our studio, we love to merge vintage design inspirations and derive a contemporary interpretation or even recycle older elements to create functional and unique furniture or decor pieces. Additionally, as emotional beings we tend to infuse our possessions with emotion. People began to realize the value of each product and the emotion associated with it, as well as the nostalgia associated with it, be it family, cultural or even spiritual, which continues in the design language of space, ”says Shilpa Jain Balvally, Architectural Director of Studio Osmose.

Emergence of arrest interiors

Social media channels such as Instagram and Pinterest have played a huge role in reviving traditional interior design which is visually appealing and striking. Today, people are more open to experimentation and designers are creating eye-catching interiors. Additionally, due to social media, the younger generation is exposed to interior designers and trends that were popular in the past.

“Bold prints, botanical elements and vintage wallpapers are back. Whether it’s a wall or a floor, a cushion or a print, the trend is bright and bold colors. Restaurant walls are adorned with dramatic hand painted elements or printed tiles with banana or monstera type leaves and tropical flora and fauna such as heliconias, birds of paradise, toucans, panthers, flamingos roses, etc. The homes use wallpapers from Degournay and LondonArt Wallpaper or more and more plants inside in a bohemian chic sensibility. Upholstery fabrics with a lot of tropical green elements are not only used as highlights, but also on large elements like curtains and sofas. The fear of colors and patterns seems to have finally disappeared, ”says Farah Ahmed, co-founder of FADD Studio.

Bold prints, botanical elements and vintage wallpapers are back, ”says Farah Ahmed, co-founder of FADD Studio FADD Studio

Timeless aesthetics

While ‘neo-traditionalism’ is inspired by the vintage trend, it differs from traditional interiors because it includes a mix of old and new. This seamless blend of styles and eras has resulted in the emergence of a distinctive, timeless design aesthetic. Plus, traditional design styles are instantly recognizable and guaranteed for years to come. “Currently, people are trying to find the right balance between preserving the patina of the past while modernizing the interior of their home. For example, we recently designed a vintage themed home that is a mark of romance, glamor and grace with furniture made from high quality natural materials and authentic cornices in the bedrooms. We have chosen two to three analogous colors, which have been artfully woven throughout the house to make it a perfect English affair, which does not date, ”adds Rupesh Baid, Founder and Principal Architect of AND Design Co.

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