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Echo Park Scene

Echo Park after a storm. Thanks to Sandra Ross for the photo.

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News and notes

The Wilder clothing store receives a visit from Apparel News. Denim industry veteran Susan Lee moved her vintage clothing store to a Sunset storefront just over a year ago after first operating in her parents’ plant nursery. Traces of this origin remain, with plants on display and packets of seeds for sale. “When you’re dealing with vintage, there’s only one of everything, so it’s harder to buy,” Lee told Apparel News. “You have to take unique pieces and build a story out of completely different pieces.”

A veteran of the old Bob Baker Puppet Theater from the Echo Park era is invited for personal appearances with a sad, gangster puppet named El Triste. “Triste’s superpower is to take people’s sadness,” said puppeteer Cain Carias.

The Happy Mediums Deli and Bacetti pop-up on Echo Park Avenue were listed by Thrillist as one of their favorite dishes of the year. Thrillist also included Monty’s Good Burger in its list of the city’s top vegan choices.

Quarter Sheets Pizza Club has started walk-in and pre-order service in the old Trencher sandwich shop on Portia Street near Sunset Boulevard. Whole pizzas and sliced ​​pizzas are available. The wine too.

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According to, crime reports last week included a robbery in the 1800 block of Berkeley, an assault with a deadly weapon near Sunset and Laveta, and a burglary in the 1400 block of Echo Park Avenue.

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