People caught breaking into vintage clothing store in Lexington


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Thieves have been caught on camera breaking into a Lexington clothing business and stealing thousands of dollars worth of items.

It happened around 3 a.m. Tuesday in Lexington.

Three thieves used a huge boulder to smash Cold Collection Vintage on Waller Avenue. Trey Lewis is the co-owner, and he received a home alert on his phone and saw the burglary live from a video feed.

He called the police and headed for the store, beating law enforcement at the scene.

“I ran through the glass and ran down our little hallway and out the back door here and chased one out the back and out the exit and across the street “, Lewis said.

But it was too late… the crooks got away.

“They stole about $8,000,” Lewis said.

Most of this amount comes from high-end shoes. He said more than 15 pairs were stolen. Some of them were vintage Nikes, and some of them were Yeezys, a popular brand designed by rapper Kanye West.

Lewis said whoever did this knew the loot would be valuable.

“A lot of these shoes come out once and sell out right away. They went and got all the great value shoes they could. All my best deals were taken,” Lewis said.

Lewis is not alone in his woes. He said the vape shop next door was similarly affected a few months ago. Now he must move on, try to replace what was stolen.

“We will bounce back one way or another. We’ll find more shoes, but I won’t find my peace of mind,” Lewis said.

Lewis said he wasn’t going anywhere, but would beef up his security.

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