NIGO’s vintage clothing archive on display at Bunka College Museum


Everyone knows NIGO. I know NIGO. You know NIGO. He’s a famous clothing designer, it’s gonna happen. But did you know that he is also an inveterate archivist of vintage clothes?

I like to think it’s common knowledge among those who know NIGO that the founder of Human Made is a big fan of old clothes. His obsession with painstakingly reproducing retro clothing can be found in his own label, in NIGO’s Levi’s collaborations with KENZO, in the Louis Vuitton collection that NIGO designed with Virgil Abloh.

NIGO doesn’t pretend to create progressive men’s clothing like you’ve never seen before. That’s not the point. He prefers to create portable, versatile things you come back to day after day, no-frills bullshit that’s only made for NIGO himself.

All of NIGO’s adidas collaborations are proof of that. Rather than dropping a flashy 4D UltraBoost or timely Forum, NIGO really only focuses on retro models like the Campus, Country and Stan Smith, barring a few NMDs.

What I mean is that NIGO makes clothes that make him happy and that’s it.

This perspective is epitomized by the staggering amount of clothing he collects, which ranges from decade-old Levi’s to the retro militaria that inspired some of the best OG BAPE.

Comprising hundreds of meticulously archived garments, NIGO’s collection deserves an exhibition. At least that’s what the Bunka Gakuen Fukushoku Museum thinks.

Better known as the in-house costume museum attached to the legendary Bunka Fashion College, the Museum showcases a wide range of NIGO’s archival finds from September 14, 2022 through November 13.

No preview – NIGO hasn’t even officially announced the exhibit itself yet – but some of the few AF things he’s been accumulating for nearly 40 years will be on display as part of what the Museum calls “THE FUTURE IS IN THE PAST”. “, a perfect name for all that NIGO.

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