Levi’s Vintage Clothing Ready “Inside-Out” 501® Jeans


Levi’s Vintage Clothing, a collection that revisits retro pieces from the Levi’s archives, releases a special “Inside-Out” version of the classic 501® jean. As a teenager, former Levi’s CEO Bob Haas noticed that the reverse side of denim had an interesting silver hue. “I asked my dad (then president of Levi Strauss & Co.) if the company had ever thought of making jeans out of cuffed denim,” Bob recalled in a press release, “and he answered no.”

Bob’s father then commissioned a nearby factory on Valencia Street to make the inside-out jeans that Bob proudly wore to school, which caused a stir. On returning home, Bob realized that the indigo dye had rubbed off on his legs and underpants. “Very embarrassing! And the end of the marketing of my idea,” he said. However, after several washes, the indigo streak has diminished and the distinct silver hue of the jeans has become one of his favorites. decades later, Bob would share the story with Jonathan Cheung of BEAMS, serving as inspiration for the first official “Inside Out” collections.

The next Levi’s jeans are a stitch-by-stitch reproduction of the 1963 Levi’s 501 straight leg jeans, complete with vintage leather patches, red tabs, buttons and rivets. Using unsold 120z denim reverse side from Cone Mills White Oak, the last industrial-scale selvedge denim operation in the USA, pairs are made with the light gray lining on the outside and that Indigo denim is hidden inside.

Levi’s “Inside-Out” 501 jeans will be available on 501 Day, May 20, marking the 149th anniversary of Levi’s patent for riveted denim. A limited quantity of 501 pieces will be sold at Levi’s online store and flagship stores in Harajuku and Osaka for ¥46,200 JPY (approximately US$357).

In addition, Jacquemus announces a Nike collaboration.

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