Katie Saro Talks Vintage Design and Creating an Authentic Home


As a painter and designer, it’s no wonder your expert use of art can transform a room. What advice would you give on finding and implementing meaningful artwork in the home?

I think it’s always best to buy art from the artist if you can afford it and want to invest in it. And if you can’t, finding vintage art is a great way to get some really great art for less. You can look at thrift stores, eBay, Goodwill, that sort of thing. I have a rule that I only occasionally break by never having draws in my house. I think unless there’s a really good reason, it’s always better to have original artwork than prints.

And above all, I think you should never try to match art to your home. Art should exist in itself as something beautiful. It doesn’t have to have a function, like matching colors in a room or matching a sofa, to be in a theme. Art should be something beautiful simply because it is beautiful and that is its only function. So don’t try to match the rest of your room. Just find something that’s beautiful for you and if it doesn’t fit, great.

You said, “Hanging up artwork is like having a piece of someone’s soul in your home. If there was one soul you could have in your home to brighten your day, who would you choose?

I have a painting my grandmother made of her house. When I was little, I hugged the painting in my arms, as if it were my grandmother when I missed her. I don’t know if it was a particularly beautiful painting, but of course having a painting of someone you love is very special.

I collect artwork from artists that I know have beautiful souls because every time I see their artwork it reminds me of them and who they are. Yeah, that’s it. I can’t think of just one person, but I know I love my grandma and I have art from her, and that’s good.

It was an amazing response.

I do abstract art workshops with my kids and it’s not a museum quality piece of art, but the fact that they made it makes it look good whether it’s done well or not. I have a lot of them all over my house.

You can see Katie Saro on the first season of “The Art of Vintage” on Discovery+, streaming now.

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