Find locally handcrafted leather goods, vintage clothing and more at Hide & Hunter

Owner Hannah Christine outside Hide & Hunter at Mercantile on Morris. (Gabby Gervais/Bham Now)

You might recognize Hide & Hunter and their stylish handmade leather goods from The Market at Pepper Place. Now they have a physical location at Mercantile on Morris, featuring leather bags + wallets, vintage clothing, candles and more. Keep reading for all the details.

A labor of love

Hide & Hunter bags
Each bag is handmade by Hannah herself. (Gabby Gervais/Bham Now)

Hannah Christine has been working with leather for over 10 years. After earning a degree in clothing design, she dreamed of becoming a wedding dress designer. However, her passions changed when she had to design a collection of outfits for her final project in school.

Her collection was a mix of leather, fur, suede and fabric, and that’s where she fell in love with working with leather.

“I love working with animal skin. I know it sounds a bit scary, but it was so cool to work with leathers and different types of textures. I knew I wanted to get away from designing clothes, so I thought it would be great to learn how to make handmade bags, where they’re all a bit unique and different.

Hannah Christine, Owner, Hide & Hunter

From there, the rest is history. After learning the basics of leatherworking, Hannah bought her first skin for $50 and turned it into several handmade bags. After selling every bag she made, she realized she was onto a business opportunity – and Hide & Hunter was born.

From Pepper Place to Morris Ave.

Inside the Hide & Hunter store
A look inside the store. (Gabby Gervais/Bham Now)

“One of the main reasons I decided to open a physical location is because Birmingham is such a supportive community for local businesses”

Hannah Christine, Owner, Hide & Hunter

After moving to Birmingham, Hannah heard about the incredible turnout at Pepper Place market every weekend and secured a place as a vendor.

Soon people were asking for a showcase for her products, and she made it a reality.

When opening Hide & Hunter, Hannah not only wanted a space to display her products, but also a space where people could come to gather, rest and relax.

Her store is a perfect fit for a leather goods boutique, with unique Western elements and warm decor to make the boutique feel open and welcoming.


Hide & Hunter bag
Handmade with care. (Gabby Gervais/Bham Now)

Each of Hide & Hunter’s leather goods is handcrafted by Hannah herself from start to finish. Each bag has unique and intricate details, from fringe to embossing and more.

Manufacturing a bag can take Hannah upwards of 6 hours, depending on size and details.

Hannah also recently added recycled bags to her collection. She takes designer bags and fixes their broken elements, or simply adds fringe, cool straps and updated touches to old bags.

Hide & Hunter Bags
Various bags for sale at Hide & Hunter. (Gabby Gervais/Bham Now)

Since each bag is one-of-a-kind and handcrafted, the price is slightly higher than a typical bag, but they are worth every penny as an investment.

“I almost exclusively carry one of the first bags I made 10 years ago. He is still in wonderful condition and I am tough and tough on him. It might seem like a lot of money to spend on a bag, but they last a long time. They are laced with genuine leather instead of thread, all bags, unless white leather, age very well, even with wear.

Hannah Christine, Owner, Hide & Hunter

If you love thrift shopping and finding vintage clothes, you’ll love visiting the store. In addition to bags, Hide & Hunter offers vintage clothing, from hats to t-shirts and even upcycled motorcycle saddlebags.

Vintage Clothing from Hide & Hunter
From band t-shirts to vintage motorcycle gear, you don’t want to miss their vintage selection. (Gabby Gervais/Bham Now)

That’s not all, Hannah also sells personalized products and handmade candles in fun jars.

Hide & Hunter candles and hats
Believe me, candles smell amazing. (Gabby Gervais/Bham Now)

give back

Community outreach is at the heart of Hide & Hunter and a goal Hannah wants to continue to achieve.

She sources much of her skins from local tanneries and a percentage of each sale is donated to various forms of community outreach. One of the organizations she partners with is the Frontier Alliance organization, which works to provide medical care and housing to refugees in the Middle East.

Additionally, she partnered with a Native American reservation in South Dakota to teach them about leatherworking.

“My goal for the future would be to have more influence. It is really my desire. I did a lot of work with a Native American reservation in South Dakota, teaching some women and children leatherworking, because a lot of that has been lost over the years.

Hannah Christine, Owner, Hide & Hunter

As her business grows, she looks to the future where she can contribute more to local and global communities.

Stop at Hide & Hunter

If you’ve read this far, I’m sure you’re ready to see Hide & Hunter for yourself. Not only do they have a permanent location at Mercantile on Morris, but they will also make regular appearances at the Pepper Place Market where it all started.

While you’re there, you can stop by some of Morris Ave’s wonderful neighbors. from Hide & Hunter, such as Pizza Grace and Cannella Gelato.

“The best part of moving into this store was meeting the other business owners like Helene and Ryan at Pizza Grace or Michael at Cannella Gelato and Aisha with Bridge + Root. Everyone really wants the other person’s success. They are just very welcoming and kind. Mercantile as an executive gave me a group of friends and a support system that I didn’t expect from other tenants here.

Hannah Christine, Owner, Hide & Hunter

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