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Audra Glasgow is a stay-at-home mom and vintage collector who has been adding to her assortment of vintage items for over 25 years.

“I started to collect things bit by bit,” said Glasgow. “I like the story of my posts – I don’t really like things that look perfect. The older something looks, the more character it has.

Glasgow said she enjoys owning unique vintage pieces because they are different from what everyone else has and they also last a lot longer.

“A lot of what I have is one of a kind, or you just can’t find it anymore,” Glasgow said. “I think things were better done then than they are today because they weren’t mass produced. I love that something was used, and just the story of, like, ‘Oh, where was that? What was it used for? ‘ Some of my items were old tools or equipment, which I now use to decorate.

The Glasgow collection is full of vintage and antique items dating back to the 19th century. Among her favorites are an old map from a Kansas school dating back to 1910, several vintage cameras, an old church pew she redeveloped to fit into her lake house, and a stack of old leather trunks, including at least one came to the United States on the RMS Queen Elizabeth in 1938.

“I would describe my collection as not very colorful, but very eclectic and even primitive,” Glasgow said. “I like the idea of ​​something being made by hand, that people just use what they have.”

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