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Daisy & Vine Vintage Design is Ladysmith’s latest furniture and home decor store.

Located in the former Temperance Hotel at 32 High Street, Daisy & Vine offers refurbished vintage furniture, rugs, a dried flower bar, and upscale home decor and lifestyle products crafted by artisans. from Vancouver Island.

“Quality is important to us,” owner Emily Schwan said. “We wanted to offer trendy, high-quality furniture that was also affordable. We can do this by renovating the furniture.

Schwan started renovating furniture as a hobby during his previous job in the healthcare industry. This hobby turned into a side-gig, then into a “full-fledged business.” Schwan runs the business with his longtime friend Ashley Henderson, who has supported the idea from the start.

“We had a girls night out and I was saying how I wanna do it [refinishing full-time] and quit my job at the hospital. Before I could even finish my sentence, she said ‘do it’. She supported me 100 percent.

Daisy & Vine opened in Ladysmith in February 2021. They recently had a big reopening event after renovating the store and introducing new products.

“The first four months we wanted to get a feel for what we wanted to offer and who our customer was,” said Schwan.

Now that Schwan and Henderson know their customers, they are well stocked and ready to serve their customers.

Daisy & Vine is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday to Saturday. They can be found online as Daisy & Vine Vintage Design on Facebook and on Instagram as @daisyandvine.

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