Cork student succeeds after opening vintage clothing store from her bedroom


A UCC law student found success after opening a vintage clothing store and from her bedroom during the lockdown.

Hailing from Ennis, 21-year-old Anna O Doherty has always stood out for her sense of style – but it wasn’t until she moved to Cork for college that she began to really branch out into more original clothes.

“I was that kid with purple streaks in my hair when I was younger, then when I went to girls’ high school in Clare and everyone wore Hollister, the same shoes, the same jeans – like somebody else. one who has a passion for clothes it was a little frustrating.

“Then when I came to Cork it’s a city with a different vibe where people wear all kinds of clothes so I was surprised that there isn’t a vintage clothing store where I can. go.

Anna models a vintage sweater

“You have to spend hours browsing charity shops to get a good deal, but it wasn’t until after the lockdown that I started to think I could be the person who would open a vintage store,” said Anna.

At the start of the first lockdown without telling her friends or family initially, the 21-year-old set up what is now Candid Frank Vintage – a thriving online clothing store with customers across the globe. Ireland which works entirely from his room. .

“At first I was nervous to tell my friends and family about it because it’s no different from me to have notions, but once I found a wholesaler, registered the name of Candid Frank and designed my website, I told everyone about it and they loved the idea. ”She said.

Anna was amazed at how quickly the first drop of clothing stock on the site ran out – her biggest fear was ending up with a huge amount of vintage clothing in her college room and home in Ennis. .

Candid Frank sells high quality vintage clothing at an affordable price

“The response has been amazing – I had people I went to school with that I hadn’t spoken to in years contacted and bought something, we sold out pretty quickly and that has happened with every drop we’ve had since. Now my goal is to have the site stocked all the time, ”said Anna.

The law student had a clear vision of what she wanted Candid Frank to be.

“I don’t buy clothes wholesale like a lot of sellers do, I select each item individually and these are all the things I would like to wear – I want to give people a sustainable option for an evening outfit that comes to one. prices you usually expect from fast fashion, ”she explained.

The brand development has clearly paid off, Anna says that after a lot of nerves, stress and preparation, she launched into running her first business.

“It started out as a wacky foreclosure idea, and now it’s done really well, most businesses are struggling to break even in the first year, so I’m really happy with how it turned out. past, ”she said.

Now that she is entering her third year of law school, she is not sure about the future of Candid Frank Vintage.

The Ennis woman takes the time to personalize each packaging for the brand and the customer

“I’m improving at balance, and my family has been amazing, my sister helps me post everything to people and my friends too.

“I’m definitely going to have to focus on college this year, but what’s great is that we already had a vintage market on campus at UCC this quarter, and hopefully there will be one. more next month, ”she said.

You can check out Candid Frank here, Anna’s one-stop-shop for sustainable vintage clothing, which offers free shipping on all orders over € 45.

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